The BMW 330e Sedan with eDrive technology.

The combination of electric motor and BMW TwinPower Turbo combines the best of two worlds in an exceptionally dynamic and comfortable sedan: the BMW 330e. Majestic meets innovative and then combines with the sportiness and elegance of a BMW 3 Series. Impressive driving dynamics coupled with the utmost efficiency and eco-friendliness thanks to local emissions-free driving – a unique concept that is perfectly tailored to the qualities of the BMW 3 Series Sedan.

Vehicle concept.

A BMW 3 Series with the fuel consumption of a small car: Thanks to BMW eDrive technology from BMW EfficientDynamics, a range of up to 37 kilometres is possible in the purely electric mode – with zero local emissions and zero fuel consumption. The high-voltage battery is stored underneath the luggage compartment – which, with a volume of approx. 370 litres, is ideal for day-to-day requirements, with no adverse effect on comfort, functionality or the sense of roominess. In addition, the plug-in hybrid offers optimum traction and agility thanks to the sportily attuned suspension and guarantees outstanding dynamics in all driving modes. As a result, the BMW 330e Sedan exceeds all expectations with regards to driving dynamics too. A forward-looking vehicle concept that is truly without equal.

Individual driving behaviour.

As a plug-in hybrid, the BMW 330e Sedan has various different drive modes that allow the driver to significantly influence the actual energy consumption. This depends on both the driving mode selected and the driver’s personal behaviour. When the battery is fully charged, you can drive for up to 37 kilometres without using a single drop of fuel. In the AUTO eDrive mode, the optimal combination of electric motor and combustion engine enables the focus to be placed on top-quality efficiency
  • When driving in the city, the BMW 330e Sedan exploits the strengths of the plug-in hybrid to the full. Short distances can be covered in the fully electric mode, and driving in the hybrid mode enables combined fuel consumption of 2.1 l/100 km, with CO2 emissions of 49 g/km. In view of this, the BMW 330e in the city can deservedly be called a “genuine two-litre car”.
  • The BMW 330e Sedan is the ideal car for commuters too. Using apporximately 4.0 l/100 km distances up to 50 kilometres, its fuel consumption is markedly lower than of other cars in this vehicle class. In short: Enjoy the dynamic performance of a BMW 3 Series Sedan model with the added bonus of excellent fuel economy.
  • Enjoy low-consumption driving fun – even for long distances. Depending on the charging status of the high-voltage battery, you can enjoy a motoring holiday with an average combined consumption of approximately 7.0 l/100 km.

Drive Train.

A high-output BMW TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder petrol engine and a high-efficiency eDrive electric motor are the driving forces of the BMW 330e Sedan. The combination of these EfficientDynamics technologies produced an innovative vehicle offering not only low fuel consumption, but also awesome driving dynamics and stability in all driving conditions.

Intelligent energy management.

Whether for the daily drive to work or for weekend excursions: Short trips of up to 37 kilometres can be completed in the purely electric mode, which means emission- and fuel-free driving. For longer distances or more demanding routes, the intelligent energy management ensures the most efficient combination of electric motor and combustion engine.
The eDrive button allows the driver to choose between three different electric drive modes: the standard AUTO eDRIVE mode, the purely electric MAX eDRIVE mode and the SAVE BATTERY mode, in which the charging status of the high-voltage battery is maintained at a constant level.
  • In the AUTO eDRIVE mode, the intelligent BMW EfficientDynamics system determines the most efficient combination of electric motor and combustion engine – depending on the driving speed and the battery charging status. This mode is divided into two phases: If the battery charging status is between 12% and 100%, you can enjoy purely electric driving at up to 80 km/h. At higher speeds or with more demanding requirements, the petrol engine switches on automatically. If the battery charging status drops below 12%, the BMW 330e Sedan can be driven in the purely electric mode with moderate acceleration up to 20 km/h and with light acceleration and constantly at speeds of up to 55 km/h.
  • Electric driving fun to the max: In the MAX eDRIVE mode, you can enjoy purely electric driving at speeds of up to 120 km/h. At higher speeds or when the acceleration potential should be exhausted, the combustion engine switches on automatically.
  • When the battery charging status is low, the SAVE BATTERY mode enables the battery to be charged by the combustion engine or allows the charging status to be maintained. In this way, the driver can save the battery capacity for purely electric driving later.


Whether you use a conventional household power socket or the BMW i Wallbox from the comprehensive range of 360° ELECTRIC products and services, charging the high voltage battery couldn’t be easier. You can top up while you’re out and about at one of the many ChargeNow public charging stations.
  • The vehicle can be easily charged at home by connecting it to a power socket via the supplied standard charging cable and is once again ready to roll with a full battery after approximately two to four hours. Charging is even quicker and more convenient when done with the separately available BMW i Wallbox: This wall-mounted charging station for home use increases charging capacity and reduces the charging time, making it the ideal design accessory for BMW vehicles The installation service reacts flexibly to individual requirements. In addition to increasing the charging capacity even more, the BMW i Wallbox Pro also supports intelligent integration into the home network and smart-home functions, along with energy management systems.
    The car's charging port is located behind a flap on the front left side panel. An LED light ring on the charging port make the charging status visually clear.
  • In addition to charging the vehicle at home, it is now possible – thanks to the development of the ChargeNow mobility service by BMW – to charge BMW electric and plug-in hybrid automobiles while on-the-go anywhere. The fact that the public charging stations of numerous providers have amalgamated to form a huge network also makes life easier.
    All the ChargeNow charging stations can be easily located in the navigation system with the help of BMW ConnectedDrive, the BMW Remote app or the ChargeNow website. The car's charging port is located behind a flap on the front left side panel, which is where an LED light ring on the charging port provides information regarding the vehicle's charging status, even from the outside. Thanks to the development of the ChargeNow card and the intercharge app, drivers can now avail of cashless access and usage of charging stations. An overview of all charging procedures can be accessed via the customer portal at chargenow.com. ChargeNow also ensures that customers have access to a comprehensive overview of all accrued costs. Customers are presented with a consolidated bill at the end of the month and payment is per credit card.


Always connected up to your BMW: Via smartphone (iOS or Android), with eDrive Services, which includes BMW Remote Services such as remote locking and the ability to perform hybrid-specific functions. This ensures that you always have an overview of the consumption and efficiency values of your BMW 330e Sedan. BMW eDrive Services for every situation, which can be used inside the vehicle – and outside.
  • The BMW Remote App for iOS and Android displays detailed information about the vehicle's current status, such as its location, battery level and remaining range. The charging procedure can be controlled remotely via the week-to-view timer, and the vehicle's temperature remotely adjusted in good time ready for the next journey. Destinations, points of interest and the location of charging stations can be easily sent from the application directly to the vehicle.
    BMW Remote App also measures the efficiency of every trip and can provide suggestions on how to drive the vehicle more efficiently and extend its range.
  • Get into a comfortably cool car in summer and a warm car with clear windows in winter, remote air conditioning and auxiliary heating in the BMW X5 plug-in hybrid makes that possible. Thanks to an electrical refrigerant compressor and a tankless electrical heater, the automatic air conditioning functions almost silently, even when the engine is off. Two different departure times can be scheduled in advance.
    Half an hour before the planned departure, heating, cooling and ventilation to the selected temperature is implemented by an intelligent control system. The system is operated by the iDrive Controller inside the car, or conveniently with a smartphone using the BMW Remote Services app.
    Provided that the battery has a sufficient charge, the stationary heating and cooling operates regardless of whether the vehicle is being externally charged or not.


It goes almost without saying that an innovative automobile like the BMW 330e Sedan offers the utmost comfort. The high-voltage battery is stored in such a compact manner that the approx. 370-litre luggage compartment provides ample space for everyday requirements. The standard-feature suspension ensures full driving dynamics, stability at all times and a pleasant driving feeling – even on long journeys and even when the vehicle is carrying a heavy load.


There’s a new shadow being cast and it’s the BMW 1 Series Shadow Edition. This model is packed with attitude featuring darkened head and tail lights, and kidney grille. With the inclusion of M Sport pack as standard, the BMW 1 Series Shadow Edition oozes athletic character and promises a dynamic driving experience.